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Smokey Valley Horse -Duststorm

Grey gelding, 14.3 hh, 6 years old Smokey Valley Horse, Dust Storm is a smooth going racking horse with a very nice deep stride off his back end. He is a beautiful animal with Arabian like conformation. His gaits are smooth and flawless. He can carry you comfortably from " relaxed and see the scenery speeds" to " blow your hat off speeds" at his top end. Dust Storm is well broke and has a lot of trail riding experience in our challenging East Kentucky terrain. Dust Storm calmly clips, ties, loads and unloads. $8,500

****SOLD***Smokey Valley Horse - Quannah Parker

***SOLD**** Congratulations Ben Vondielingen!!!!!!!! Lit up Blue Roan Gelding, 16.1 HH, 12 years old Smokey Valley Quannah Parker is a big guy with a big heart. He is well broke with lots and lots of challenging trail miles behind him. He is confident and forward and suitable for riders of various ages and abilities. His gaits are magnificently performed with a deep stride off his back end and a showy lift and reach with his front legs. Quannah Parker is big and powerful enough to carry large riders effortlessly, yet soft and gentle enough to carry your grandchildren. Quannah Parker calmly clips, ties, loads, and unloads. $7,500

Smokey Valley Horse -Hombre

Black, gelding, 15.1 HH, 12 years old Smokey Valley Hombre is one of the best all-around horses we have ever known here at Smokey Valley Farm. He is bold, fearless, willing and bombproof! His gaits are exceptional – a deep striding gait covering running walk to 12 mph, then he shifts to an equally smooth rack that takes you effortlessly to 20 mph. Hombre has traveled from coast to coast, had his feet in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He has carried us safely through some of the most challenging terrains in North America and brought us home safely. Hombre has worked cattle on a ranch in California and encountered grizzly bears in Yellowstone. Hombre calmly clips, ties, loads, and unloads. Smokey Valley Hombre is the entire package….a very special lifetime companion horse! $8,500

Smokey Valley Horse - Stillwater

Black/star gelding, 15.3 hh, 10 years old Stillwater is a truly magnificent horse with wonderful gaits. He was bred, started and finished at Smokey Valley Farm. He is an outstanding product of our unique natural horsemanship program~ which is known for producing exceptional lifetime companionship horses. He has a lot of trail experience and is ready and willing to please you! Smokey Valley Stillwater calmly clips, ties, loads and unloads. $8,000

Smokey Valley Horse - Shiloh

Smokey Valley Horse – Shiloh Black / White / Spotted Mare, 14.2 hh, 11 years old $5,500 Smokey Valley Shiloh is an extraordinary horse with a wonderfully calm and patient manner. She is the horse you can trust with your three-year-old grandchildren and, when called upon, can step up to a ground covering smooth gait for riders with a wide range of abilities. She is 50/50 black and white and well put together. Shiloh has been ridden many many miles in rugged terrain and is undisturbed by commotion and trail surprises. She clips, ties, loads, and unloads with no bad habits. Shiloh is the all-around, well broke, family horse and is a rare find!