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Smokey Valley Horse ~ Shelby

Posted on January 21, 2022 by Donna Spencer

Smokey Valley Horse ~ Shelby *** SOLD***

Shelby is a stunning 6-year-old, 15 HH registered Smokey Valley gelding who has an alert and pleasing personality while maintaining respect for your space.

His gaits are perfect, either barefoot or on a keg shoe. At your request, he exhibits an entirely natural four-beat rack at perfect comfort to you with speeds from 4 mph to the upper teens. His quality overstride will give you the complete “ magic carpet “ ride experience.

Shelby has extensive trail riding experience…from the rugged hills of eastern Kentucky to the vast mountains of Wyoming. He has proven to be extraordinarily sure-footed and eager to take on any trail challenge you request of him.

He does everything a well-trained horse would be expected to do: clips, bathes, shoeing, trailer loading, neck reins, stops ( immediately ), and backs.

Shelby is sane and centered with no health or soundness issues.

The ideal rider for Shelby will be a capable intermediate rider who can execute separate seat, hand, and leg signals to a very nicely responsive horse.

If you are fortunate enough to acquire Shelby, be prepared for non-stop smiling when you ride him because  SHELBY IS A THRILLING COMPANION!!