The Farm

Mares and Foals

All foals are special and very cute!!!   Some have great ancestors in their pedigrees….. some have more chrome than others, etc. But at Smokey Valley we have spent the last 40 years selecting and breeding extraordinary horses to produce the finest naturally gaited traveling horses. Horses that are built on an exceptionally long stride off their back end and lighten the load on their front end to give you the full “magic carpet” ride.

Smokey Valley Horses are bred to a gait centered between a running walk and a rack which greatly expands their smooth gait speed range.

When you view pictures and videos of Smokey Valley foals we ask that you pay particular attention to their length of stride, natural barefoot gaits, confirmation, and extraordinary athleticism.

Finally…. we invite you to come to Smokey Valley to experience the very special horse that has been created here!


Dr. Bob Coleman, Owner, Smokey Valley Horse