The Farm

The Breed

The Smokey Valley Horses are elegantly, yet powerfully built with substantial bone and muscle. They are strongly coupled, have a short back, deep chest, and strong sloping shoulders. They display a refined head, well-formed curved ears, and a long elegant neck.

Smokey Valley Horses average 15.1 hands in height but range from 14.2 to 16.2 in height and weigh between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. The breed appears in all colors, with many grays, roans and splashed up combinations. The breed has a remarkable stylish presence and a calm, people-pleasing

Smokey Valley Horses are known for their great endurance and smooth ground covering gait. Their four beat gait is performed with a significant over stride, either barefoot or on a light shoe. They may travel at a walk, running walk or rack and are bred to have gaits centered between a running walk and rack. The horse coils up and collects on a light hand, reaches under himself with a lengthy overstride and carries most of his weight on his hind quarters. The horse is balanced and reaches out with his front legs and lands his hooves lightly, floating his front end.

Smokey Valley Horses stay in gait through a dynamic range of speed….from four to six to well over twenty miles per hour. The horse is capable of maintaining speeds in the middle range for many hours.

Smokey Valley Horses are exceptional equine athletes. They are best appreciated as gaited, all around horses that are competitive in many equine events. The comfort to his rider, the stamina and distance covering ability of this equine athlete is unsurpassed. The Smokey Valley Horse is a rare and special animal; his gaits and athleticism deliver the full magic carpet ride effect to his rider. The Smokey Valley Horse is a re-creation of America’s Traveling horse.