The Farm

The Ride

Imagine you are riding down a country road on your horse. He is coiled up and collected on a light hand…wearing the bridle straight up and down. He is reaching under himself with a nice overstride and carrying most of his weight on his hindquarters. He is reaching and showing off with his front legs. His front feet are landing lightly and you barely feel (if at all) their front feet impacting the ground.

Your horse is capable of performing this gait across a large dynamic range of speed… from 4 to 6 miles per hour to well over 20 miles per hour. Your horse is capable of maintaining speeds in the middle of this range for many hours. The comfort to his rider, stamina, and distance covering ability are unsurpassed. He is a rare and special animal and his gaits and athleticism deliver the full magic carpet effect to his rider… You are riding a Smokey Valley Horse… a traveling horse of the finest kind!