Gaited Horses and Mules of the Finest Kind

  • If you find yourself in Cody, Wyoming with the intention of buying a gaited horse or mule over the next few weeks we strongly suggest that you contact us to schedule a trial of one of our highly selected horses or mules.
  • Among our unique advantages are:
    • Our horses and mules are very naturally gaited
    • We take the time and trouble to match you with the riding companion that fits you for the long term.

About the Smokey Valley Cody Clinic

  • Attendance to observe is FREE.  Come see our horses and mules
  • Qualified riders are welcome to try out our horses and mules after signing a Rider Release Form.
  • You can enroll your gated horse or male for professional analysis and gait improvement for a fee of $150.
  • Quality gaited horses and mules will be available for sale during the event.

For questions, information and enrollment call Dr. Bob Coleman (859)559-3188.

Smokey Valley Texas Persuasion
A traveling horse of the finest kind….7-year old breeding stallion,
barefoot at liberty! Tex is not for sale, but we have several of his stunning offspring under saddle and available for sale.
Contact Dr. Bob Coleman at 859 559 3188 for further information.


Smokey Valley Horses For Sale

At Smokey Valley Farm we are currently riding more than 25 top-quality trail horses. We also have more than 50 extraordinary younger horses that are working their way through our highly evolved natural horsemanship training program…. many of these are for sale but not listed on our website. For more information call or text Dr. Bob Coleman @ (859) 559-3188

Jasper and Jewel

Jasper and Jewel

Jasper and Jewel A rare pair of spotted, superbly gaited, three-bell mules.  Jasper and Jewell ride, drive, pack, and do it all with confidence, safety, and style. Jasper is 16...
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They are the kind of horses that are almost impossible to find!  They are naturally gaited and perform running walk/rack gaits (no pacing!) with an extraordinary smooth gait ride quality and exceptional smooth gait speed range… at your request. These magic carpet gaits are performed either barefoot or with lightweight keg shoes all around. No endless clinics are required to perform perfectly timed four-beat gaits.

We don’t flip horses at Smokey Valley.  We breed, start, select and finish horses with our highly evolved and effective natural horsemanship program. We also take the time and trouble to match horse and rider to ensure a high-quality, rest of their life together relationship.

Horses currently available come in a variety of sizes, colors, and experiences.

If you are tired of the disappointment and risks of looking, buying, and hoping…..give us a call at 859-559-3188.