Smokey Valley Honors


Smokey Valley Honors

Black Sabino Gelding

3 years old

15 HH

*Honors will be paying beautiful Cody Wyoming a visit July 5th and 6th ( a few days prior to and a few days after) at Boot and Bottle Club. Contact Dr. Bob Coleman @ 859-559-3188 to schedule your time to meet Honors!

Honors is a delightful and well-mannered gelding.  He is a special product of our natural horsemanship training program and is ready to go become some fortunate persons “rest of their lives together companion”.  

Honors is superbly, and naturally gaited. The kind of horse that is ready to go break hearts on Saturday night and lead the trail ride the next morning!

We promise that you will have a hard time suppressing your smile if you ride this gifted young horse.  He is ultra smooth and capable of traveling with an impressive smooth gait speed range. 

Contact Dr. Bob Coleman to schedule your visit to the farm OR meet up with Smokey Valley Honors in Cody, Wyoming on July 5th at Boot and Bottle Club.